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New Year, New You

Welcome back, everyone!

College is said to be some of the best years of your life, but it is not as easy to have fun while balancing classes and outside work as it seems.

No matter how last semester went for you, there is still a chance to turn it all around and make the beginning of 2022 just fantabulous (crazy to think a whole semester has gone by this school year)!

To prepare us all for this spring semester as we try and get out stuff together while it’s all gross outside, here is a compilation of things that I have had to remind myself after long days of class:

Take time for yourself!

“Self-care” is an extremely overused word in life today, but nevertheless it is still very important. You are constantly going to be around your people in college, with roommates and friends and other students and professors, and hanging out with your friends all the time is great, but taking just a small amount of time out of your week for yourself is going to help you be the best student, friend, and you that you can be! But slapping on a sheet mask and watching a movie on your laptop, while relaxing and an important stop to your hectic day is only going to be a temporary fix to your stress.

My biggest tip is to GET OFF YOUR PHONE AND LAPTOP.

Once you are sufficiently caught up with your work and have replied to all the messages you need to, turn off your screens and read a nice book, turn on a CD player if you have one, journal (which is very relaxing and helps you stay in tune with your emotions), or just sit and think to yourself.

Think of your future self!

The beginning of the semester is the time to start working ahead on your homework or just to start off on a good foot with classes so in the future You will not hate current You. If your teacher uploaded assignments early into Canvas, if you have extra time during the week or weekend, instead of scrolling on TikTok or Instagram, try working on some classwork to get rid of things on your to-do list. Make sure to keep track of deadlines in a planner or on your computer

(Personally, I suggest using a physical planner so you can cross things off and add things more easily.)

Writing things or typing things out to plan your day will make sure that you get everything you need to get done on time for the next day.

Meet new people!

If the people you are hanging out with now don’t seem like your forever friends, don’t worry. There will be so many more people you can meet in your new classes and clubs. Especially now as many more classes are in-person rather than online, you will be able to be around your peers more and can actually form a connection instead of just seeing little boxes of people on a screen.

Talk with the people next to you and even start attending club meetings so you can meet people with similar interests are you. Everyone is just looking for good friends and a good time, so don’t think it’s embarrassing to talk to new people.

Look out for potential love (or like)!

I would first like to say that being single is not a bad thing at all. You being happy with yourself and loving yourself is more important than seeking validation from someone else. However, dating is also a good time, as long as you are in the right headspace and time in your life to do so! So, if you’re all in your feels about being single, remember: keep your eye out for some potential partners in your classes.

This is the chance to meet new people, and maybe, just maybe you’ll meet someone you just click with! (There are many college sweetheart stories out there.) Also, just another reminder to stay safe and never do something you do not want to do. Your safety and mental health always come first. (This goes for everything else as well.)

Put yourself out there!

Go to sports games, other Kent events, and go out and have a good time with your friends. Obviously, be smart and be safe, but if you were too nervous to go out or couldn’t find the time last semester, just go for it!

Schoolwork does come first, but make sure to give yourself a break to actually have a good time. This can go along with making time for yourself too- even if you feel so tired, the day after going out, you will be glad you did because you would have made new memories.

Hope these tips help ease some worries going into the spring so you can have your best semester yet. Live it up!


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