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“Life On Mars” Tour Cleveland Stop

I’ve never been to a sold-out show at the House of Blues before but the Cleveland stop on the Life On Mars tour had the venue packed with people of all ages. For a three-bill show, I’m usually unimpressed with at least one of the acts but this time was different.

Charlotte Sands opened up the show with such energy and command of the crowd. She describes her music as “a safe place for listeners to feel accepted and celebrated for their weirdness and diversity.” This message was amplified through every band that played that night. Sands had the crowd jumping so much I could feel the floor shaking and my knees begin to wobble to keep my balance. She closed out her set with Dress which currently has over 19,000,000 streams. I wish her set had been longer though, as I was really starting to get into it.

Now at this point in the show, I’m having slight worries that the energy Sands had brought was going to die down, but in fact, Palaye Royal somehow brought even more energy to their set. I had never seen them perform so I wasn’t sure what to expect but my brain started to get overwhelmed in a good way because there was just so much going on during the set. Anywhere you looked someone in the band was giving it their all and of course, Remington Leith hanging from the lights.

While waiting for YUNGBLUD to come on stage, you could feel the electricity among the crowd. When his set started the applause was almost deafening through my earplugs, and Cleveland may have taken home the title for the loudest show on the tour so far. I thought YUNGBLUD was a great performer and really knows how to work a crowd that fosters a safe and inclusive space for fans of all ages (maybe not for the children I saw that were there but that’s not for me to judge). His set was electric with simple visuals and lights that were designed like a wall of speakers which I thought was really cool and interesting.

Overall I had a really good time, despite being covered in what I sincerely hope was water and I’d see each and every one of these artists again.


  • Jennifer Noga

    Jenn Noga, better known as Bar Buddies is the current content director of Voltage Live and a top contributor. With photography and podcast, Tales From The Bar, Bar Buddies is taking on the world one project at a time.

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