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Concert Review: Wallows

I’ve only ever been to one other sold out show in my career, and Wallows was unlike any other. With a truly packed house, I don’t think there was ever a moment where anyone was having a bad time, including myself.

You may know Wallows from their hit Are You Bored Yet? Featuring Clario, or even recognize the Dylan Minnette (guitar/vocals) from 13 Reasons Why and Braeden Lemasters (guitar/vocals) from T@gged and as a young Todd in Easy A (which as a side note is one of my favorite movies).

I’ve been trying to see a Wallows show for a while now, especially as they’ve been on my dream bands to photograph list. So when I got the opportunity to go to last night’s show, there may or may not have been a happy little jig involved. When I got to the venue, the line was wrapped around the block, but the Agora staff was well prepared and the line made really good time. I’m just going to take this time to shout out the staff because everyone I talked to was so nice and helpful.

The show opened with French-Korean artist Spilltab, who performed a more laid back and chill set in comparison to Wallows, but she still had the crowd singing and dancing along to hits off her EP Oatmilk as well as some acoustic covers of Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson and a smashing ukulele cover of Yeah by Usher.

You could feel the collective tension as the crowd anxiously awaited their turn to prove that Cleveland is the city to beat when it comes to concerts.

This crowd’s energy and excitement could be felt no matter where you were in the venue. My earplugs barely damped the roar of the crowd as Wallows took the Agora stage, opening with Hard to Believe. I had a fantastic time jamming out to my favorite songs like Scrawny and Pictures of Girls (I’m basic I know don’t come for me).

If you have the chance to go see Wallows on the rest of the Tell Me That It’s Over tour, you absolutely should do so. Next time they come to Cleveland I’ll be sure to be front row.

You can find tickets and the rest of the Tell Me That It’s Over tour on their website

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