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Song Review: Planet Bitch

album art by Alison Coté

Title: Planet Bitch

Artist: KOPPS

Album: Planet Bitch

Paying homage to the retro sci-fi movies, KOPPS’ newest single Planet Bitch is a certified banger. Complete with bombastic vocals and an infectious beat, it’s quickly risen to the top of my get-ready playlist, giving me that extra jolt to start my day.

This is the second single from the Planet Bitch EP, with Bad Thing being released in June 2022.

Rochester-based KOPPS “used the seemingly real imploding of the planet and inability to perform for 2+ years to conjure the concept of Planet B*tch, a place where the b!tches of Earth can gather, survive, and most importantly THRIVE in b*tchy oneness without any pesky worldly concerns.”

You may recognize KOPPS from movies and TV like Ingrid Goes West, Fuller House, Nut Job II, YOU and Bad Girls Club, or even Tiktok! Their hit Dumb went viral in 2021 and has gathered close to six million streams on Spotify.

If Planet Bitch and Bad Thing is any indication of how the next EP will sound, I’m excited to add it to my rotation when it’s released!


  • Jennifer Noga

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