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Concert Review: Weyes Blood

photo by Athena Cote

As the crowd grew silent, the lights dimmed and the candelabras glowed. Members of the band slowly walked on stage, leading up to the very graceful entrance of Natalie Mering (aka Weyes Blood). The goosebumps on my skin rose and a wave of excitement swept over the crowd as I knew this show would be unlike others. Seeing Weyes Blood live on The” In Holy Flux” tour was an eternal getaway into a beautiful world. The setlist included a great variety of her new album “And In Darkness Hearts Aglow” and her previous album “Titanic Rising” as well as sprinkling in some exciting older songs. Between the fun bits in her set including throwing roses into the crowd, collecting and reading DVD titles from fans, and having some silly yet wholesome interactions with

photo by Athena Cote

the audience, she knows how to create a magically immersive show.

The glowing purple lighting, the grace of Natalie swooping around the stage with her cape flowing and of course, her red glowing heart (as seen in the album art), were some of the many aspects that made up this dreamy performance. Pairing the visuals with being able to experience Natalie’s voice live blew me away. Listening to the album is of course one thing but being able to see the emotion in person left the audience stunned.

photo by Athena Cote

Seeing Weyes Blood live is like the feeling you get watching your favorite movie for the first time, it amazes you and you enjoy every aspect of the masterpiece.

I highly recommend sailing off on the ships to nowhere on Weyes Blood’s 2023 tour.


  • Athena Cote

    Athena is a photographer from Washington State, originally from the east coast area. She loves to capture portraits, concerts, cosplay, creative concepts, and so much more. Athena is inspired by human connection, love, darker themes, music, film, and emotion. Athena has been attending concerts since she was little, and live music has been a huge part of her life. Some of her favorite artists and bands are Muse, Glass Animals, and Joji! Being able to combine her passion for music and photography is her favorite thing and is very excited to create with Voltage Live.

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