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Des Rocs: Welcome to the Mickey Mouse Club

photo by Athena Cote

It’s rare for me to experience the familiar wave of nostalgia that I got when Des Rocs captivated the 800-capacity crowd in Seattle, practically blowing the roof off of this tiny venue. Being a part of the audience at a Des Rocs show is feeling like you are at your first rock and roll show all over again. There was not a single point in the show where the energy, passion, and overall stage presence of the performance died down. 

       Des Rocs seamlessly blends multiple genres to create a unique sound and a new take on rock and roll. Listening to Des Rocs through speakers at home is already an experience, however, being able to pair the music with a live performance was nothing less of amazing. 

photo by Athena Cote

      It is rare to find a band with such chemistry amongst each other that it becomes contagious. Seeing the band members smiling and enjoying themselves was super inspiring, especially as a musician.  There was even one particular moment when the sound wound up cutting out in the middle of a guitar solo and Des Rocs played that solo with such passion that could be felt from the back of the crowd, even without any audio. 

The head banging, guitar solos, running around the stage, jumping, and practicing keeping the audience on their toes are part of the many things you can see at a Des Rocs show. There is something very special about the natural charisma and stage presence of Des Rocs aka Daniel Rocco. The electrifying Des Rocs is 100% an artist to see on tour.

You do not want to sleep on this artist.


  • Athena Cote

    Athena is a photographer from Washington State, originally from the east coast area. She loves to capture portraits, concerts, cosplay, creative concepts, and so much more. Athena is inspired by human connection, love, darker themes, music, film, and emotion. Athena has been attending concerts since she was little, and live music has been a huge part of her life. Some of her favorite artists and bands are Muse, Glass Animals, and Joji! Being able to combine her passion for music and photography is her favorite thing and is very excited to create with Voltage Live.


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