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The End of a Movie Tour: Detroit Stop

photo by Caroline Zeeman

Banner photo provided by Caroline Zeeman

Lizzy McAlpine brought her The End of a Movie tour to Detroit, MI on April 21, 2023. The sold-out venue was packed to the brim with excited fans, ready to sing their favorite songs with an artist they love.

The pre-show setlist was filled with classic throwbacks from Disney Channel original movies like Bet on It from High Scholl Musical 2 to Gewn Stafani to Miley Cyrus and more. Olivia Barton opened the night beautifully with a set that was just her and her guitar. Fans excitedly sang along to her new song, which she created with her partner, Corook, called “If I Were a Fish.” The song captures her stage presence and personality well; fun yet powerful and extremely heartfelt. She also took time at the end of the night to meet fans at the merch stand.

photo by Caroline Zeeman

As for Lizzy McAlpine and her set, let’s talk about the actual set; intimate and cozy. Her set resembled a living room filled with little details taking us into McAlpine’s life. With posters covering the walls, a couch with a comfy blanket and stuffed animals, and an electric piano; similar to the one she had in her home as she explained later in the night. You truly felt like you were at home with her and the intimacy created a special type of atmosphere you don’t always feel in larger venues.

Her set consisted of older songs, the new album, and even a few unreleased songs. McAlpine kept the room captured with her breaks to talk to the audience throughout the night. From sharing how she went to bed at 8:30 am, which to be honest I felt in my soul, to sharing her vulnerability with the crowd just goes to show that she strives to keep herself and her music as authentic as possible.

photo by Caroline Zeeman

As the night came to an end, McAlpine made sure to talk for a moment to thank the fans in attendance for supporting her and her music. She credited their love and support as the reason she is able to continue to create music and travel to share that music with the world. The fans made sure to let McAlpine know their love for her throughout the night with hearts being lit up by phone flashlights, cheering that had every corner of the room shaking, never missing a bit when screaming out the lyrics to every song she performed, and finishing the night up with a merch line that extended in the main area of the venue well after the show was over.

McAlpine showcased her talent not only for songwriting and singing but also for being able to help hundreds of fans connect for a night that will leave them with lasting memories.


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