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Emma’s Top 10

Frank Ocean

Frank is constantly at the top of my favorites list. I continue to fall in love with his artistry and often get so overwhelmed by his talent, I cry (I am a dramatic music dork, I know). He is an artist who is constantly defying the limitations of genres. He constantly keeps people on their toes and exudes mystery, while at the same time producing heart-wrenching music that is nothing but vulnerable. I could go on and on about him and his artistry, but maybe in another article. Overall he just never ceases to amaze me. Even if I have heard a song hundreds of times, I can still find something in it I hadn’t noticed before. He is an intricate and concise writer who has so much vision for his art. Songs of his that I’m always thinking about are “Self Control” and “Ivy.”

Renee Rapp

Have you ever found an artist whose lyrics make you feel like they’re in your brain? Yeah, well that’s what Renee does to me. I am often left speechless after listening to her. Sometimes I’m pretty sure she was tasked to write the soundtrack to my life. Her vocals are phenomenal and the lyrics just hit you in the deepest places. I find her music very therapeutic since it’s so relatable. She doesn’t shy away from vulnerability and can hear her passion in every song. Even her internet presence does an excellent job of reiterating her relatableness, she posts what she wants when she wants and shows a lot of humanity that can be lost in celebrities. Songs that destroy me (in the best way) are “Tummy Hurts” and “So What Now”

Jalen Ngonda

Jalen is such a talented artist. He embodies old-school soul and jazz and brings them to the present day. While doing this, he gracefully utilizes his production to emphasize his naturally raspy tone that perfectly pays ode to the pioneers of the genre. His lyrics are warm and fuzzy and when paired with his musical style feels like sunshine. Even when he’s singing about heartbreak, he has you feeling whimsical. His voice feels like a time machine to the 60’s. He’s so easy to listen to and writes about relatable human feelings. A couple of my favorite songs of his are “Come Around and Love Me” and “What a Difference She Made.” 

Flyana Boss 

Flyana Boss is truly a dynamic duo! I first found them on TikTok and haven’t stopped looking forward to their releases. They are truly the sassy, bubble-gum pink, fairy princesses of rap. They are so unapologetically them and can tell they make music that they want to. I seriously want to be their best friend. They combine creative poppy verses with beats with the typical rap structure but also add a techno feel in a way that sounds almost like a video game. Their music is energetic and flashy, which if you look at their fashion style, makes perfect sense. I’ve never felt like such a cutesy girly while listening to lyrics like “I make it bounce like yo’ baby daddy’s checks” but they definitely bring that out of me. My favorite songs are “You Wish” and “Nu Nu.”


If you want to feel like an elegant bad bitch, then listen to Latto. She has some of the most aggressive and raunchy lyrics, yet still makes them sound classy. She has a unique tone and delivery that makes her stand out from other female rappers in the game. She is very intelligent and that shines through her lyrics. I feel powerful when I listen to her, like my ego goes through the roof. She is the embodiment of everything you want in a rapper, whitty, raunchy, and exudes confidence. Her flow along with her voice is so soothing and makes you feel relaxed while simultaneously hyping you up. Also, did I mention that she’s absolutely stunning? Songs of hers that have been in constant rotation are “Muwop” and “Blame Me.”


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