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Rockin’ Across Borders: MONOWHALES’ US Tour Debut

Canadian rock band, MONOWHALES’s ‘Who’s There to Hear Me Out’ Tour kicked off earlier this month, as they take their electrifying act on the road across both the US and Canada. As they set out on their first time touring in America, I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with the dynamic trio that makes up MONOWHALES – Sally Shaar, Jordan Circosta, and Zach Zanardo. Their tour brought them to Columbus, OH, this past week, and during our conversation, we delved into various aspects of their journey, from their experiences on the road and their latest music to their exciting debut in the US, and even their eagerness to experience White Castle for the very first time.

photo by Antonina Schubert

HOT, FRESH, and LOUD. When asked to encapsulate this tour and their essence in three words, Zach eagerly chose “hot,” Sally described it as “fresh,” and Jordan fittingly opted for “loud.” I couldn’t agree more with this description. MONOWHALES exudes boundless energy, and their music takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions and rock vibes.

One element that MONOWHALES found particularly thrilling was the American culture of smaller, more intimate clubs. Zach expressed, ” The culture of people coming to them regularly… it’s really refreshing.” These smaller venues create an atmosphere of excitement and passion that resonates with both the band and their fans. Throughout the show, MONOWHALES actively engaged with the crowd, with fans dancing their hearts out in the front rows, and pulling each other closer while singing along. It’s a shared experience that transcends the stage, bringing everyone together in one electrifying moment.

Their fans are a passionate bunch, Jordan shared a touching story about a fan who found solace in their music during a divorce, describing it as an emotional bonding experience when getting the chance to meet the fan at their show. Sally revealed her love of seeing that many fans have MONOWHALES tattoos, and that “every night there is an experience with a fan that is incredible.” Zach, with a touch of humor, mentioned that some fans throw tortillas at them – a testament to their unique and lively crowd.

When asked about their favorite songs to perform live, the band had some exciting choices. Zach expressed his love for “Alive Now,” a track from their 2018 EP, which he says brings back fond memories. Jordan and Sally both had a soft spot for their latest single, “Backbone” – a song that packs an emotional punch and embodies the spirit of MONOWHALES.

photo by Antonina Schubert

Sally explained, ” Playing newer stuff is always fun because it’s fresh. There’s a fun vibe on stage, it’s emotional, and I really like what it stands for… feeling like a badass.” It’s evident that the band draws energy from their latest songs, ensuring that every show is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Delving deeper into “Backbone,” it’s a song with a profound message that deeply resonates with Sally. She described it as a song that is “very therapeutic to sing” and highlighted how it speaks to many of her feelings today. The band’s emotional connection to the song shines through in their performances, creating a moving and powerful experience for their audience.

Before the show, MONOWHALES shared one of their pre-show traditions with me: stacking their hands atop each other’s and reciting the phrase “tough times never last, only tough people” with a playful sound as they pull their hands apart. When inquiring about the origin of this ritual, they shared how it was inspired by a beloved internet video that their friend Phil Kulba sent them daily, adding a sentimental and cherished touch to the ritual.

As I stepped into the Big Room Bar, the Columbus-based band Unseen Keys set the stage with their high-energy performance. Glimmers continued the energy, leaving the crowd eager for MONOWHALES to take the stage. In our earlier conversation, Jordan mentioned, “We’ve been lucky to have some high-caliber support bands on this tour.” These opening acts set the perfect tone with powerful vocals and boundless energy, creating a dynamic atmosphere that left the audience buzzing with anticipation. It’s clear that MONOWHALES deeply values the artists they tour with and the musicians they bring to perform in each city, often watching from the crowd themselves. Their humility and passion for music shine through in these moments.

photo by Antonina Schubert

MONOWHALES’ live performance was nothing short of a spectacular display of power and boundless energy. From the moment they hit the stage, they exude a vibrant presence that immediately captures the audience’s attention. With each note, they infuse the crowd with a contagious enthusiasm that keeps the energy soaring throughout the entire performance. Their on-stage charisma is magnetic, making the show a thrilling and memorable experience. If you’re on the lookout for a rock show that not only thrills but is a space of love and connection, MONOWHALES is a must-see act. Their live performance is an electrifying odyssey that promises a sensational experience, making it an event you absolutely cannot afford to miss. Catch them as they continue to set stages ablaze across the US and Canada throughout the end of this year.

To secure your own tickets and catch MONOWHALES live, visit their official website. Don’t miss out on this electrifying experience.


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