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Coming Soon to Voltage Live: That’s A Wrap

Voltage Live is proud to present its first original podcast That’s a Wrap premiering on November 23 at noon EST.

That’s A Wrap will follow Jenn and her mom as they watch holiday romance movies, breaking down the plot as well as offering up their commentary to tell you if it’s worth watching this holiday season.

“It was kind of a no-brainer to start this show,” Jenn said. “My mom and I do this every year, where we attempt to watch as many holiday movies as possible and comment on them. I would usually write them up and publish them leading up to Christmas; I attempted to do something like this in college, but only made it five days in before I got overwhelmed. This year though? I’m way better prepared. As soon as Santa crosses that Macy’s parade finish line it is go time on the holiday movie countdown.”

“I’m excited to finally create something with my mom who’s been a big supporter of me and Voltage Live since day one. So it’s really cool to share this with her.” Jenn stated.

There will be 31 episodes that will be released daily at noon EST wherever you get your podcasts. A weekly wrap-up will be posted to on Fridays while the show is running.


This podcast is produced with non-struck movies so as to not cross the SAG-AFTRA picket line. At Voltage Live we support SAG-AFTRA in their fight for better working conditions and fair pay.


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