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5 Songs to Add to Your Fall Playlist

I know September and October have come and gone, a little too quickly if you ask me, but fall is not over! And in my best attempt to keep this season for as long as possible, here are my top songs for fall! This assortment of songs really has no rhyme or reason, but it makes sense for them to be fall frequents to me:) 

“Autumn Collection” By Triple One

First off we have “Autumn Collection” by Triple One. Maybe the name itself is the reason why it’s in the fall songs category, but I still think it fits so well as a fall-vibe song. The best way to describe this song is an angsty, upbeat, alt group that combines an assortment of genres to create its unique sound. This song in particular meshes a really catchy chorus with a flowy beat to slightly mask the otherwise more downer lyrics. This song seems to walk through the post breakup feelings of a person who masks their emotions around the situation with other vices. While this song has an undertone of what would be considered more negative emotions, when listening to it I experience more feel good vibes. I think that if you really dive into the song you can tie it back to the beginning of a season where things end their cycles, much like fall. The lyrics are describing the end to the relationship, but the composition of everything else around the songs signals a sense of ease.

“4runner” By Brenn!

This song by Brenn! is another inherently sad song, yet doesn’t necessarily feel like it! It follows a past relationship that ended and both parties have changed in big ways after they separated. This breakup song is very mature and emphasizes more reminiscent feelings of longing than bitter memories of what happened. I think this is a feeling a lot of us can relate to with old relationships, romantic or not. Sometimes there isn’t resentment, but more of a nostalgia around the past. 

“All Debts I Owe” By Caamp

Next song starts to get into the more “granola” sounding songs. I think Folk and Country are genres that remind me of the crisp air and colorful trees of fall the most! They make me just want to drive through country roads and watch the leaves fall. This song “All Debts I Owe” is very folk heavy with its acoustic instrumentals and the gritty vocals that resemble the older era of the folk genre. This song tells the story of a family that is broken up by the debts that the protagonist owes. The song goes into depth of the situation and the plan on how they’re going to be together again after the protagonist pays their debt. You feel empathy and relate to this character more and more as the song goes on. The concept of  “debt” talked about in the song alludes to the more relatable problem of someone carrying baggage into a relationship. The way these unresolved issues can affect a situation despite not being the other person’s fault is a big theme in this song. The way the protagonist pushes the people he loves away so they aren’t collateral that tends to happen in the mirrored reality of this song. 

“Growing/Dying” By The Backseat Lovers

This band.. I’m telling you they don’t miss! All of their songs remind me of the feelings of fall and I think a part of that is owed to their Alt Rock sound that dips its toes into Jam BAnd territory. This song is just so lyrically profound, yet not hard to understand what they’re writing about. The instrumentals add a more flowy feel and lighten up the otherwise melancholy lyrics. The lyrics “ Why does the wall insist I have my back against?” in the 2nd verse hit harder every time you listen to it. Just overall a very easy listening song that also can invoke a little deeper thinking.

“Maine” By Noah Kahan

Last but certainly not least, we are wrapping it up with the king of folk pop himself, Noah Kahan. Noah’s entire discography is fall playlist worthy, but this song fits perfectly. It isn’t as played as his more recent songs and pulls you in with just the first strum of the guitar. This song is reminiscent of a past relationship and the way life was easier back then. Its overwhelming sense of nostalgia adds layers to the song within the lyrics and the tone in which they are delivered. Noah does such a good job at painting the picture that he sees in his head with his lyrics to accurately depict the feelings he’s feeling. This song in particular has such a relaxing ambiance and demands you to not only listen, but to feel. Whether you’ve felt this particular way projected in the song or not, you will have a sense of empathetic nostalgia either way. 

That wraps up my top 5 songs to add to your fall playlist! I hope you enjoyed it and left with some new bangers on your radar. Thanks so much for reading. If you liked this, be sure to check out my other articles:)


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